New Message From Our Spiritual Leader

Happy Mother’s Day! Last Sunday, we visited that the Grace of God opens us to wonderful energy that allows for our natural God-given loving states to be expressed. Thank you to all you moms and special women in our lives who have shared this grace and special love with us that you each are. You’ve helped us to know love is real!

This week we are opening the church for attendance onsite for Mother’s Day and for the following Sundays. Our Blessed Healer, Licensed Teacher, and Loving Mother, Donna Van Oosten, will be bringing us our Mother’s Day Service. Her talk is titled, THE BELOVED FEMININE. As I read the hi-lites of her talk, lines in the poem she’s written caught my attention - “Mysterious energy, Filling me up, My cup runneth over, I AM LOVE!”

I sincerely welcome you to come join us for this special Mother’s Day service onsite this Sunday at Unity of Medina – One in Spirit! If you will be joining online, that’s sincerely wonderful too. But please do join us in some way to discover more about all that Donna and Spirit have to share with us about the love the feminine is.


Unity of Medina ~ One in Spirit
Rev. David Byrley, Spiritual Leader
(Ordained Madonna Ministries)