New Message From Our Spiritual Leader

I love when Angie breaks into song and her fingers just glide across the keyboard. I especially love it when she plays, “Rise Up, o my soul, Show me the kingdom wherever I go.”  
“Rise up, o my soul, Rise up o my soul, Rise up, o my soul, Let Spirit flow. Rise up, o my soul, Rise up, o my soul, Show me the kingdom wherever I go.
Heal the sick anywhere I walk, Be my tongue anytime I talk. Make people Love God, Make 'em stronger with every word, Help 'em see that heaven is all around.
Fill my heart with the courage to play. Free my mind from yesterday. Tell people what's true. Let me know what's mine to do, and Help me to do it each and every day!”
Did you know God does not create the physical earth or heavens? What God creates is all metaphysical. The “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” is all metaphysical. Our call is to Rise Up and live consciously from that of us which is created metaphysical.
Join us onsite or online this Sunday as we explore together the metaphysical science of seeing the kingdom and consciously rising as the Soulful Child of God Within you are!

Unity of Medina ~ One in Spirit
Rev. David Byrley, Spiritual Leader
(Ordained Madonna Ministries)