Honoring Our Past

Rev. Barbara Hribar - Founding Minister Emeritus

Unity of Medina arose from "a thirst for spiritual teachings and support." A small group of like-minded individuals connected with Barbara Hribar, Licensed Unity Teacher, in November of 2001 through The Herb Store in Medina. Barbara was just moving to Medina, her four children were all adults, and she was willing to leave her corporate training position with Nature’s Sunshine to oversee the development of a Unity Study Group.

September of 2002, Barbara accepted the responsibility of spiritual leader and administrator of Unity of Medina as defined then by The Association of Unity Churches. Her prior involvement in Unity churches began in 1981 in Chesterland, Cleveland, Tallmadge and in Westlake as a lay minister. Rev. Barbara completed the four-year Unity Field Licensing Ministerial School and was ordained in March 2010. "Becoming the pioneering minister wasn't as much a decision as a natural unfolding of my commitment to develop and support a true Unity ministry."

For 15 years, Rev. Barbara and the congregation worked to create a prayerful, healthy Unity foundation that would serve all as their church home. Because she encouraged individuals to express their unique gifts, nearly everyone became involved in some way in the growth process. She gives special credit to David Byrley as her gentle encourager, along with others on her lay ministerial team, Betty Hatch, Nancy Williams and Wendy James. She says, “There was absolutely Divine Order in this process, and there is Divine Order now in Rev. John as Unity of Medina’s new minister. Divine Order assures us that God’s love and abundance is ever available to God’s creations; life was designed by a creator of order. While circumstances may not always go according to our human wishes, God never leaves us alone.”

Rev. Barbara worked to build something far larger than herself. She has been THE center, helping to bring order to our individual and collective spiritual progressions. She has marked the timelines of our lives. She has officiated at our weddings, blessed our babies at christenings, come to bless our homes, celebrated annual church graduations of youth, comforted us at funerals and memorials. She visited us when our emotional and physical health needed uplifting. She has cultivated an educational curriculum to guide our children and empowered her music leaders. Some clergy are skilled at spiritual leadership. Others embrace the intimacy of personal ministry. Rev. Barbara has offered us both, and our congregation is strong!

She says, “I have great faith and confidence in Unity of Medina’s continuing evolution of a prayerful, foundational Unity presence! Remember, God does not call the equipped but equips the called.  That’s why all things are possible.”

Upon retiring in January 2017 she continued to pursue her passion of helping others help themselves to a healthier, happier, more prosperous life through her work at Youthful Living, Inc. as a Whole Life Coach and Natural Science Researcher and Educator. She resides in Brunswick, Ohio and Peoria, Arizona.

A Special Message from Rev. John Beerman, Former Senior Minister

Serving Unity of Medina from March 2018 through November 2020

My Unity journey has taken me from being an initiate to truth teachings to becoming deeply rooted in the Unity Truth Principles. This means that through practicing these simple truth ideas, they have become who I am, embedded in my consciousness. That does not mean I practice them perfectly. I make mistakes like we all do, but I know the Truth of who I am and who you are! We are children of the most High, entitled to all the spiritual gifts in our universe.

The Unity Movement has much opportunity for growth, and it is up to us Truth Seekers to grasp these foundational truths and practice them in our lives. This means putting our Fifth Principle into action! The time is Now to shine our inner lights. The world needs what we have discovered.

My personal heart connection is with 12-step programs and the incredible synchronicity between the 12-step spirituality and Unity’s. Because the 12-step recovery programs have become so impactful and healing for our society, one cannot help but marvel at how practicing the 12 Steps of Recovery dovetails with the Five Unity Spiritual Principles. It is truly a match made in heaven. Unity encourages recovery and allows recovery to be amplified and deepened spiritually.

I see an opportunity for Unity of Medina and other Unity centers to step into the mainstream of religious beliefs with integrity to our truth principles. We should not be hiding our light “under a basket” and expect growth. Or perhaps, we are so unique in our beliefs that we should stay away from traditional ideas? I do not think so. The time is Now for us to wave our flag and celebrate our uniqueness and diversity. When we become comfortable with our spirituality, others will join us.

My time with all of you at Unity of Medina was precious. I grew spiritually as much as I hope you did. Thank you for being such a loving support to me and Charlotte. I blossomed and matured as a minister with Unity of Medina, and for that, I am grateful. One would need to look long and hard to find a spiritual community more loving and more accepting. You are truly a beacon of hope and love in a world desperate for spiritual truth!

Rev. David Byrley - Spiritual Leader

January 2021- June 2022

Rev. David is an Ordained New Thought Minister. Since childhood Rev. David has had a deep knowing and passion that the message of Jesus was a Universal Message of being born new, free of past limiting beliefs, to “Abide in The Presence of the Divine that is Within Us, and Among Us, Here on Earth”. Rev. David could see that Jesus was sharing what life was like when abiding in this presence. This knowing and a deep desire to share this Universal Message has driven him all his life! This knowing led him to Unity for Unity honors all paths that return us in each moment to an abiding in the presence with Our Creator.

Since 2002, Rev. David has been in service to Unity of Medina. His service included serving as Assistant Minister to our Pioneering Minister, Rev. Barbara Hribar. In 2012 he was Ordained by New Thought - Madonna Ministries International. In December of 2020, Rev. David was installed as our Spiritual Leader. He is now on a journey to also become ordained with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Rev. David welcomes you to come join all of us as we continue our collective journey with the intention to demonstrate what we believe:

What We Believe

We teach a positive message that supports each person on their own unique path to understanding the power and presence of God in everything and everywhere. Rather than focusing on what divides people, we affirm the common ground that unites us all in one human family. Unity has many teachings, all of which are taught with the understanding to take what is right for you and leave the rest. We have no creeds or doctrines because only the living Spirit of Truth within the individual can identify what is true for them.