Honoring Our Past

A Special Message from Rev. John Beerman, Former Senior Minister

Serving Unity of Medina from March 2018 through November 2020

My Unity journey has taken me from being an initiate to truth teachings to becoming deeply rooted in the Unity Truth Principles. This means that through practicing these simple truth ideas, they have become who I am, embedded in my consciousness. That does not mean I practice them perfectly. I make mistakes like we all do, but I know the Truth of who I am and who you are! We are children of the most High, entitled to all the spiritual gifts in our universe.

The Unity Movement has much opportunity for growth, and it is up to us Truth Seekers to grasp these foundational truths and practice them in our lives. This means putting our Fifth Principle into action! The time is Now to shine our inner lights. The world needs what we have discovered.

My personal heart connection is with 12-step programs and the incredible synchronicity between the 12-step spirituality and Unity’s. Because the 12-step recovery programs have become so impactful and healing for our society, one cannot help but marvel at how practicing the 12 Steps of Recovery dovetails with the Five Unity Spiritual Principles. It is truly a match made in heaven. Unity encourages recovery and allows recovery to be amplified and deepened spiritually.

I see an opportunity for Unity of Medina and other Unity centers to step into the mainstream of religious beliefs with integrity to our truth principles. We should not be hiding our light “under a basket” and expect growth. Or perhaps, we are so unique in our beliefs that we should stay away from traditional ideas? I do not think so. The time is Now for us to wave our flag and celebrate our uniqueness and diversity. When we become comfortable with our spirituality, others will join us.

My time with all of you at Unity of Medina was precious. I grew spiritually as much as I hope you did. Thank you for being such a loving support to me and Charlotte. I blossomed and matured as a minister with Unity of Medina, and for that, I am grateful. One would need to look long and hard to find a spiritual community more loving and more accepting. You are truly a beacon of hope and love in a world desperate for spiritual truth!