Affirmative Prayer

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Affirmative prayer is the highest form of creative thought. It includes the release of counterproductive, negative thoughts as well as holding in mind statements of spiritual Truth.  Through meditation, we we experience the presence of God. Prayer and meditation heighten our awareness and thereby transform our lives.  

At Unity of Medina, we affirm for our church in the following two affirmations: 

Daily Affirmation for Prosperity
Centered in God, assured by faith and prospered by Divine Love, we boldly move forward to serve humanity by building Unity of Medina together.

Affirmation of Divine Order
We affirm that the universe is in Divine Order and we give thanks. We are here to fulfill our ultimate goal, that is to know and experience God.  Coming from this place of Spirit, we manifest all of the Good that God has for our church family according to Divine Order.  And so it is. Amen.


Following are affirmations From The Little Book of Affirmative Prayers published by Unity:

I call forth the gifts of God within me and I am blessed with happiness, success and true achievement.

With ease and gratitude, you bring forth your perfect child.

Child Blessing
I place you in God's care and keeping. God's presence guards and protects you, God's wisdom guides and directs you, God's life sustains and perfects you, God's understanding inspires those who teach you, God's love is in the hearts of those around you. You go to meet your good.

Child Development
You are created in the image and likeness of God.  You joyously express life, love and intelligence of Spirit and develop perfectly in all ways.

The love of God surrounds, enfolds, sustains and comforts me.

I am calm and poised.  With confidence and ease, I express myself perfectly.

I move forward with the courage and boldness of faith.

Divine Order
Through the power of the indwelling Christ, divine order is now established in my mind and body and in the circumstances of my life.

There is one Presence and one Power in my life, God, the Good, omnipotent.

I am one with the freedom of Spirit. I am triumphant, glorious, splendid and free!

Freedom From the Past
My heart is at peace, for I know that Your love, dear God, has set me free from mistakes of the past. Assured of Your blessing, I face the future strong, wise and unafraid.

Fulfillment for Self
The light of Christ fills my mind;
The life of Christ fills my body;
The love of Christ fills my heart;
The substance of Christ shines forth through me;
As faith and freedom, joy and courage, power and peace.

I am an illumined child of God, filled with the spirit of divine love and wisdom. I am guided and directed in right ways.

God's will for me is happiness.  I joyously live each day receptive to God's infinite good.

The equalizing, harmonizing, healing power of the Holy Spirit is active in me now. God's will for me is health and harmony and I am made whole. My body is the temple of the living God. God's pure life and substance now renew and restore this body temple.

The Christ presence permeates our home and makes it a place of joy and happiness.

Inner Peace
God has given me a spirit of love, serenity, joy and contentment. All is well with me and I am at peace.

The joy of the Lord is a wellspring within me. 

I express the positive power of the Christ Mind in wisdom, love and good judgment.

I am one with God. Order and well-being reign in my life and in my world.

God, might in the midst of me, helps me overcome any seeming limitation. As a child of God, I am healthy, happy and prosperous: I am wise, loving and free.

The spirit of God is working in and through me, and I am prospered in all ways.

I set God before me this day to guide, to guard, to govern, to protect me.

God's spirit of love, expressing through me, draws to me all that I need to make me happy and make my life complete.

My eyes reflect the strength and clarity of Spirit.

The Christ within is my strength and wisdom. I am confident courageous and free.

The spirit of the Lord goes before you and makes happy, easy and successful your way.

God, I thank you for the assurance that Your life, love, wisdom and substance are blessing me abundantly.  I now gratefully and joyfully receive.

Travel by Auto
This is God's automobile. God's law of order is evident in every aspect of its operation.  God's wisdom inspires the driver to be alert, to use good judgment, and to make right decisions. Everyone who travels in this car is safe and at peace. 

Travel by Air
This is God's airplane. As God's law of order keeps the stars in their courses and the sun and moon in their paths, so it guides and directs the pilot and crew of this plane. The presence of God fills each person on board with a spirit of peace. I rest secure in God's protecting presence, and all is well.

I am the ever-renewing, ever-unfolding expression of infinite life.  

Thenk you God for guiding me to eat nutritious food in the right amounts.  With your help I attain and maintain my right and healthy weight. 

Your infinite love, dear God, pours into my being as a healing stream of life. It flows freely through every nerve and cell in my body, cleansing, soothing, strengthening and making me whole.

The spirit of God is active in and through me, and my work is in divine order. 

World Leaders
Through the Christ mind, you are unified in thought and and purpose, and inspired to right action for the benefit of all humanity. 

World Peace
Knowing that the love of God is within the hearts of people everywhere, we pray for and affirm a permanent peace.  We see peace uniting the nations of the earth in the love of God.