What is Unity?

 What is Unity?

Unity is a non-denominational church that welcomes people of all races, colors, religions, social backgrounds, lifestyles and economic levels in dignity and love. We take an extremely positive approach to life, emphasizing the good in people and all of life.

Although unity is sometimes confused with other denominations, such as Unitarian or the Unification Church, there is no connection.

Unity proclaims the divinity of Jesus, but goes even further by proclaiming that every person is a child of God and therefore, divine in nature. We believe that a person’s mind is his or her connecting link with God or Divine Mind. Therefore, much emphasis is placed on the effective power of every thought , feeling, work or act has in creating one’s life.

Unity also seeks to relate religion to daily needs affirming that for every need there is God’s perfect answer. We also place strong emphasis on prayer and meditation . Our primary text book is the Bible, whose lessons are related to everyday experiences and therefore made more relevant.

Unity views worship as serving God by uplifting and glorifying God’s spirit in man, in positive, joyous ways. We are not so much concerned about a “future life” as we are in teaching people to live more fully in the present.

Unity believes in eternal life and views the present moment as part of that life. We also emphasize the divine potential in every child of God, and teach that through a practical understanding and application of what Jesus taught, that every person can realize and express their potential for a richer and fuller life.

In Unity, everyone is recognized as a true spiritual being, awakening to the Truth that sets them free. We are proud of our Unity ministry, which emphasizes a positive approach to the teachings of Christianity, and would be honored to serve you and support you in your spiritual needs as a fellow child of God. Want to learn more? Join us for our next Introduction to Unity class.

The History of Unity

Unity was founded in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in Kansas City, Missouri, and was rooted in this couple’s desire for physical healing. Both were well versed in world religions. Myrtle discovered that by repeating an affirmative prayer “I am a child of God, therefore, I do not inherit sickness,” and praying for perfect health for two years, she was healed of terminal tuberculosis. Charles used the same type of prayer that affirmed God’s presence within him and he was healed of injuries that had hampered him since childhood. Their friends soon began practicing affirmative prayer, the Fillmores began to write about their beliefs and the Unity movement was born.

Unity Village, located 15 miles southeast of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, was originally established by the Fillmores as a place for people to be refreshed from the activities of daily life. The Unity School of Christianity was eventually organized and the Unity Village became it’s home. The Mediterranean-style grounds include 1400 acres of gardens, woodlands, and recreational facilities that attract thousands of spiritual seekers every year. Unity School is world headquarters for the 108 year old and still-growing movement. Unity groups are now found all over the world...in North, South and Central America: the West Indies; the Caribbean; Africa; Europe; Russia; the Middle East; India; the Pacific Rim; and Australia.