Spiritual Leadership

Rev. David Byrley

About 20 years ago I noticed in the back of Emmet Fox’s book, The Power of Constructive Thinking, a reference to the Unity movement. Loving, trusting and personally benefiting from the works of Emmet Fox, I decided to learn more. To my delight, I found that the Unity movement was sharing the good news that we each have the potential, through constructive thoughts and choices that resonate with our true nature, to unfold a fulfilling life. Sign me up, I thought. That was one of the best decisions of my life!

I’m noticing that the days of religions and dogmas are fading away and the days of self-discovery and practicing life principles are now emerging. In fact, ironically, I am also noticing more each day that the core message of the religions has always been this. The vision for humanity has always been Unity through diversity and the mission has always been that humanity could realize this Unity through each growing in self-awareness and knowledge of God within. Some call this awakening.
Does all this resonate with you? If so, we invite you to come and discover more about our like-minded community, about yourself and about the nature of the Divine at Unity of Medina. We’d be blessed to get to know you.



Rev. Kathy Sullivan, Music Minister

I firmly believe that through music we can have a direct experience with God. It is my job to present the music in such a way as to lead you to that experience, or at least as close to it as I can get! The rest is up to you.  I choose the music with care in order to lead you there: the opening song to help get the energy up, the song before the lesson to help open your heart better receive the lesson, and especially the song after the lesson which serves to reinforce the message just spoken. My goal is to provide this spiritual community with another avenue of self-discovery through listening to the best musicians the area has to offer.  I look forward to helping your heart sing as well!



Donna Van Oosten, Licensed Unity Teacher

When I came to Unity, I began a journey into spiritual understanding. I am so grateful for this evolutionary path in awareness. I never get bored as I learn, grow and share in community. My goal is to create a safe space of empowerment where we will raise each other up to our highest thought, which is love.