A Note from our Minister

Dear Unity Friends,
I hope you were able to see the PGS film this past Sunday. The movie, directed and produced by Bill Bennett, is a remarkable achievement. It answered questions regarding our spiritual powers of intuition that many of us had not dreamed we could ask. I personally am still processing some of the ideas introduced, however, I believe many of us have not utilized our power of intuition to the extent that we are capable of.  Let's begin utilizing our intuition and come up with some ideas on how we might serve our Community better. 

I have said that my vision is for us to become a Unity Compassionate Community. What does that mean to you? Please pray about what you see us doing in the larger community. We have taken steps like honoring and collecting donations for the knapsacks for Foster Children.  Congratulations and thank you to Karen K and Karen M  in our congregation.  We are also host a monthly outreach meeting at our chapel for the LBGTQ Community. Congratulations and thank you, Sandy V.  We have a weekly 12 step meeting, on Sunday evenings. Thank you, David C. 
We can't rest on these achievements. When we earnestly come together and use our intuition to offer ideas on collaborating and supporting other organizations/people/needs in our community, we will begin to see our own Unity Community really grow. We have much to offer to the people right here in NE Ohio. Because we have Spiritual Truth as our Foundation, and because we are open and honor all walks of life, diversity, we are perhaps unique. Please don't hide your light under a basket. Let it shine, and use your God given intuition to open doors to new vistas, new opportunities for service. 
Love to you all, Rev. John  
Rev. John C. Beerman
Sr. Minister, Unity of Medina, Ohio