A Note from our Minister


Dear Friends,

What a wonderful world. The summer heat has brought a drought, and our lawns are turning yellowish brown. (Lawns in Colorado look like this all the time). At least we don't have to mow it as often. I have also noticed a summer drought in our attendance. I know we all have been busy beavers with summer vacations, summer activities, summer camps, summer this and summer that, but Spirit doesn't take vacations. Spirit is always at work, every Sunday, and everyday throughout the week here at Unity in Medina. 

I remember being a congregate many years ago, and I hated to miss a Sunday service, because it gave me the spiritual fuel I needed to get through the work week. I suppose you might say I was afraid to miss Sundays at Unity, because I knew Monday morning was the next day, and I needed the lift to start my week on the right foot. 

This Sunday, Rev. Michael Brooks is speaking on the metaphysical Teachings of Jesus, and he will be diving deeper after service with a special workshop. Please come out Sunday and hear a new voice and experience a spiritual face-lift. (Just joking)! 

Charlotte and I are attending the Compassionate Friends Conference in Philadelphia, which supports families who have lost children. We are excited and nervous too, because you just never know what reliving our loss might bring up. But we trust Spirit, we trust God with Her healing energies.  We will come back hopefully filled with compassion and ready to share it with all of you.

I ask that you keep our Unity Community in prayer, even when you can't attend. I am also asking you please send in your tithes and love offerings when you can't be here. Our expenses don't change in the summer, so as owners of our community, please ask Spirit for the guidance on your tithes and love offerings. We truly appreciate your generosity and loving kindness. Enjoy the blessings of summer, and bask in the Spiritual awareness of God's abundance 
Love and Blessings,
Rev. John

Rev. John C. Beerman
Sr. Minister, Unity of Medina, Ohio