A Note from our Minister


Dear Friends,
As I write this today (Sept 10th) is International Suicide Prevention Day.  Dear Unity family, if you or someone you know is struggling with depression, feelings of hopelessness, or anxiety, etc., please pay attention and get to a mental health professional who can help. I am always open to hearing from you, and I would be happy to listen and hopefully get help for someone who is distressed. Mental Illness is no longer something in the shadows which someone should be ashamed of. It is very real and affects many. Help is available and treatment is effective.
This Sunday, we are continuing our lessons from Tolle’s book, Oneness with All Life; specifically, we will be revealing the essence of who you are. When we come in alignment with our essence, our true nature, and then life becomes a pleasure to live, because we are no longer struggling or fighting with anyone, even ourselves.
Thank you for attending to our financial shortfall that we experienced during the summer. You have truly stepped up to the plate and generously given your love and offerings to our spiritual community. You are volunteering on Sundays, you are helping our congregants in need, and you are committing your tithes and love offerings towards our financial stability. This is your community, and thank you for recognizing your ownership of it. I am excited about where we are going, and I have a sense, as I know you do too, that we are expanding, growing, and developing into something wonderful.
Your board has also stepped up its level of activity and you will be hearing from them in the Sundays ahead. Until then, I pray for your peace, and for your success.
With love and gratitude,
Rev. John


 Rev. John C. Beerman
Sr. Minister, Unity of Medina, Ohio