A Note from our Minister

Dear Unity Friends,

Thank you for participating in Unity's World Day of Prayer service this past Sunday. For those who could not be in attendance, we send our prayers to you, and suggest you listen on our website to the service (Sep 9th).  We are currently praying over your special prayer requests, and then we will send your requests to Silent Unity at Unity Village where they will also pray over your requests. 
We have included the prayers that were read Sunday for Healing, Prosperity, Divine Order, Harmony and so forth with this newsletter. Please pick a prayer and practice it for 30 days. 
At the end of 30 days, notice if there has been a difference in your experience. I would like to hear from you. We will be holding you in prayer throughout this month, and knowing the truth; God loves you and you are whole and prosperous. God answers prayer.
God does answer prayer, and yet we might not see the answer immediately. Sometimes the answer is not exactly what we wanted, but ultimately it will be for our Highest and Best . Hold true to your spiritual understanding and the way will be made clear. With prayers for you and your loved ones,
Rev. John

 Empowering Prayers

Prayer for Healing
I am in the flow of life, infused with God’s restoring energy. Free of any stress, strain, or worry, I claim perfect health and wholeness. I deny any health condition or diagnosis having power over me. I know the truth of my being: that I am made in the image and likeness of God, and my body has the innate capacity to heal. The miracle of life works its wonders in me, and I am grateful.
Prayer for Prosperity
There is no lack in the kingdom of God. I praise and bless God’s bounty. I rejoice that plenty is my heritage. God enriches my mind with divine ideas—ideas of wisdom, light, and inspiration. God blesses my body with life, strength, wholeness, and vitality. God blesses my affairs with every conceivable form, including food, clothing, and housing. I have plenty of all I need, for God is my supply.
Prayer for Inner Peace
Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul. Awash inthe love of God, I am at ease in my body. I allow grace into my life to make light my burdens. I am calm and poised. I release any worries, cares, or concerns, and feel the love, peace, and presence of God with me now and always.
Prayer for Harmony
My life is peaceful and harmonious. I relate easily and lovingly, with patience and understanding, to all persons. The presence of God in me is my rock, my strength. I am clear, courageous, and compassionate in every circumstance. I live in the flow of life and see through the eyes of love. Thank you, God, for the grace that lifts my heart and sustains my spirit.
Prayer for Divine Order
I now give my whole being—spirit, mind, body, and affairs— to the power of God. I let go and let God form in me the perfect receiving consciousness. I willingly let God do the transforming work within me. My consciousness is lifted. God expresses through me according to my highest good. I am open, humble, receptive, flexible, and ready to do what is mine to do.
Prayer for Every Day
Each day I choose what I will serve. I put my confidence in God and serve faith rather than fear, happiness rather than unhappiness, peace rather than confusion. I take into my heart and mind a new confidence, remembering that I am the beloved spirit of God, that I have not been given “a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I remember that God’s divine and perfect purpose for me is good, that God is with me as power and life, wherever I am and whatever I do. God has given me everything I need to accomplish all the good my heart desires. And I am grateful!


Rev. John C. Beerman
Sr. Minister, Unity of Medina, Ohio