A note from our Minister

Greetings again from sunny Colorado! Charlotte and I have returned home to begin the process of packing, finding a mover, and saying "goodbye" to old friends and congregants. We are planning to be with you for Palm Sunday, March 25th along with Rev. Barbara, who will be joining us! Thank you God! 

Shakespeare said that "parting is such sweet sorrow," and I say "joining you is such sweet beginnings!"  We affirm that Spirit is guiding our physical move and Spirit is guiding each of you as we come together in a ministry of acceptance of each other (exactly as we are) and spiritual growth through unconditional love. 

My dream has been to be a part of a spiritual community where loving support for each other is the rule, as we demonstrate the Christ within. That means to be present for each moment, to allow our light within to shine, and to compassionately listen to each other's needs. 

Love and blessings,
Rev. John 


We would love to hear from you as we prepare for our move: RevJohn@unityofmedina.org.