A Note from our Minister


Dear Friends,

As we move deeper into the Fall season, are you getting a sense of any changes taking place within you? The falling leaves and frost nipped mornings are symbolic of the letting go process that is so very important on the spiritual path. As we release and let go, Nature has the opportunity to unfold both within us and without. Last Sunday, we spoke on Everything is Your Teacher. To bring this into perspective, we must let go of thinking we know. The truth is Spirit knows, and we can be extensions of Spirit when we let go, and allow everything to be our teacher. My prayer for you is that you let go, and let God be God in you !  

This Sunday, I am speaking on Dancing with Chaos. Have you ever danced with chaos? Its quite a dance, and it can be quite exciting, when we embrace what is, chaos and all. Most of us want to avoid chaos, and we will do most anything to avoid it, but when we see chaos (unsettling circumstances) as an opportunity to let go even more, to dance with the chaos, instead of rejecting it, we see new life emerging within us. Please join us as we explore the idea of dancing with chaos. 

Thank you all for your participation in our Town Hall meeting last Sunday. We are excited as your Unity of Medina board to develop a strategic plan for implementing some of the ideas you gave us.  Please keep this project in your thoughts and prayers. Spirit is truly moving in and through us. You are welcome to attend any of our board meetings to give your input and to let your light shine. This is your spiritual community.  Let the good times roll.

Love and blessings,

Rev John

 Rev. John C. Beerman
Sr. Minister, Unity of Medina, Ohio