A Note from our Minister

Dear Friends,
We are almost into the third week of Lent. Lent is a time of reflection and preparation for Easter (a new beginning). In Unity, we observe Lent by daily meditation and taking time away from the business of our lives to be in reflection. We reflect on Spirit, and praying for the understanding that Spirit is guiding your life. Lent is also about fasting, and in Unity we use this time to fast from the thoughts that separate you from Spirit. We talked about it last Sunday; embracing your wholeness means fasting (denying) thoughts of lack, limitation, or ill health, etc. If God is whole, how can you be anything but whole? 

This Sunday we will be having a Pizza and Salad celebration as we conduct our Annual Congregational Meeting. We serve Pizza and Salad because one is very unhealthy but delicious and one is good for your health but tastes yucky. It is the Yin and the Yang of Pot Lucks. 

Your Annual Meeting is a time to elect and give your prayer filled blessings to our new board. It is also a time to thank past board members and celebrate the success we have enjoyed. It is also a time to pause and reflect on where we are going. In large part, where we go is up to you. How can you serve? What can you learn? How can we support you in your growth and how can we support the greater community by outreach? These are open ended questions that we must try to embrace. I am excited and also sobered by these questions. There is a story about a young  prince who left his comfortable home to be on a quest to serve others. He went from village to village but could not get people excited with him about serving. Finally, frustrated and depressed, he gave up and decided to simply be at peace within himself. This became the greatest gift he could ever give the Universe. I look forward to seeing you Sunday.
With love and great respect,
Rev. John
Rev. John C. Beerman
Sr. Minister, Unity of Medina, Ohio