GoForward Meeting

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Below are questions, comments and suggestions from the congregation.


Q: Have you started to talk to ministers yet?
A: The ministerial packet has been received and will be completed. That will be sent to Unity Worldwide Ministries and once received Unity Worldwide Ministries sends the job posting to the pool of ministers seeking a position.  This process gives us time to learn who we are as a congregation without a minister so we can be better equipped to choose the right minister.

Q: Will the new minister's salary be the same as Rev. Barbara's?
A: Because we are not sure what the right minister for our church will expect, we are open to all possibliities.

Comment: Date to Paint Your Own Angel will be sometime in the spring. Stay tuned!

Comment: In regard to cleaning the church,  "Leave it as you found it, only better."

Comment: Thank you Board of Trustees for all your hard work!